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Children Dance classes

Children Dance classes

Social Line Dancing is fulfilling and fun. Countless numbers of friends gather everywhere to share their love of dance. 

Children Dance classes Delaware Joanie and Joe


Children Dance classes

Children Dance classes

Children Dance classes
Children Dance classes


                         must call first                                   4 weeks $25.00 or  $8.00 per class


                           5:00 pm beginner      6:00 pm advanced 

   Join Miss Susan and her friends and students each week .....for a fun night of dancing. Line, Jitterbug, Stomp freestyle...Dances are held at various locations  

 private or semi-private lessons available (Confidential)

 215-335-3232 or 215-280-9765 


Don't sit home alone. Miss Susan will greet you and introduce you to the most wonderful people who share your love of dance. There a seat and a spot on the dance floor; waiting for you.             

*** Call or write.    215-280-9765 text***    




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May I suggest  my friends in the business of a great  party: DJ/ Michael Lattare  215-760-4502

"DJ Special K/KenPost" ( ) - Jerry Blavat (Anthony) ( Bobby )